4Runner, 4WD

’89 Toyota, 1st Gen, Roll bar & Removable top. She is robust! She has power. She’s got juice in her… really fun to drive.

Please meet…

$80/day, $350/wk, $900/mo

Includes taxes, fees, insurance*

2 Doors, 5 Seats

Transmission: Manual

Jezebel's Life Story...

‘Jezebel’ was born in ’89
Has a relatively new clutch.
As standard with all 1st gens, it’s got a roll bar. removable top, removable shelf.
Rhino coated – novel and interesting!
300,000 miles of fury on her.
She is naughty and robust!
22re engine.
31” in tires.
No off-road lights.
AC: ?
Radio: Yes (will you use it…’likely not’)
4 wheel drive.
Manual locking hubs.
Interior is a bit battered with vinyl panels, not pristine. Little bit of cracking on panels and around lips and eyes.
In the beater category on the interior.
A good restoration candidate.


BajaBeaters Rental
Todos Santos, Baja Sur MX
Hours of operation
7am – 7pm


BajaBeaters Rental
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Hours of operation
7am – 7pm

Not Included in Above Rate

  • Beer
  • Water
  • Taquitos

Available Add-Ons

  • Emergency Tool Kits (Traction Pad, Umbrella, Extra Gas, etc)
  • Fishing Ice Chest and Gear
  • Bicycle Rack
  • Trailer & Tow Kit (where applicable)
  • Rent-a-dog (kidding)

“Surely the love child from a Blue Footed Booby and a fearsome Baja Badger.”

“It’s Rhino Coating makes one feel as if they’re driving a truck impervious to horned attacks from the dreaded Sonoran Desert Rhinocerusesesssssss.”

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+1 (541) 735-0096

Todos Santos, Baja Sur MX