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Look'n Local!

‘The Amigo Experience’


((Mucho Gusto))

Look'n Local!

‘The Amigo Experience’

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Vehicle Type: 4Runner, Toyota

2 Doors, 5 Seats

Transmission: Manual + 4WD

'Dream Puff'



Vehicle Type: 4Runner, Toyota

4 Doors, 5 Seats

Transmission: Manual + 4WD

What makes a Baja Beater the Roadrunner of best choice?

We have vehicles sought after by all the locals. Our selection is what locals drive. They are built well, when corporations had some integrity. Baja rental vehicles fit in, are reliable, and are courageous enough to take a beating. We have a variety of makes, models, colors, capacities, and ‘fragrances’ to create the rental vehicle of your dreams.

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Low Rates

We’re straight up with our pricing.
The price you pay is the price we quote you. Imagine that! Read our ‘details’ sections for each vehicle, and inquire about specifics via phone prior to pick up.

Unlimited Miles

Explore your heart out within the agreed upon area of your travels. Depending on what vehicle you rent, we can accomodate your need to travel further distances. Speak to us directly for details.

Flexible Pickup & Return

Were always ready to help you out. Depending on your whereabouts and time of day (or night), we can usually provide assistance in short order. 

Truck Rentals

4WD, Manual or Automatic –  Truck Reservations

SUV Rentals

Providing 4WD and 2WD beauties

ATV Rentals

Move with ease with either a 4WD or 2WD machine

Aye Aye Aye!  Renting a Vehicle Has Never Been Easier

Our baja rental vehicles blend in, they don’t scream ‘I’m a tourist’!

It's cool to have clearance.

Standby fleet ready in case you get into issues.

Locals will think you're a local.

Pet friendly! (including the desert iguana)

Show up in a shiny red rental car? Good luck getting the deal of the day.

Bienvenidos : )

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Todos Santos, Baja Sur MX

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Website brought to you by; TAOPRENEUR MEDIA

Website brought to you by; TaoPreneur Media