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Roadside Assistance

All vehicles insured to be on the highway have roadside assistance included. If the vehicle breaks-down or gets a flat… we usually can assist. If there are any issues, whether mechanical or legal, please call us immediately and let us know whats going on. We’re typically available from 7am to 7pm if you need a ride or a tow.

Driving in Mexico Insurance

All vehicles come with liability insurance.


Because it’s illegal to get in an accident in Mexico without it!

Our rental services are one step ahead.

Check out the following article re: Mexican Insurance.


Local Vehicle Camouflage

When in Baja, slide into the community as one of its inhabitants.

Standing out in traffic is for Gringo Locos, and those who wish to be treated as such.

Rolling up on a small-town casita in a shiny Norte Americano mobile is sublimely uncool.

Unlimited Driving Miles

Whether you fall asleep in your vehicle for the entire duration, or drive in circles for days on end… we don’t care.

Each Vehicle Has
Its Own Personality!

Andale Pronto!

Reserve your date before she goes out with another…

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Baja Beaters Roadrunner Service is the most local, honest dealer around.

Juan Carlos Garcia Cruz

Vehicles work well for those with or without mechanical inclination. Heck, we were able to rent an automatic, as we’d all forgotten how ‘stick’ works!

Janet Chavez

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