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Rental Vehicle Provider

Who We Are

We’re local paisano’s who’ve got your back. With our clients best interest in mind, we bring smart solutions to a rugged, severely beautiful land – all for your convenience and safety.

Baja Roadrunner without wheels

A Rental Vehicle Provider for Over a Decade

A cactus has its needles, and Baja has the challenges that go along with its stark, gorgeous landscapes.  BajaBeaters provides vehicles with the roadrunner endurance and winged perseverance required as you roll through the Dios & Diablo experience with a confident smile on your face.

Our rental trucks, SUV’s, and ATV’s (all terrain vehicles) will bring you where you want to go, when you want to go there. And just as important, they will get you back!

Typically, the big rental agencies charge you 40-80% more than the quote you received online.  Once you get to Mexico they let you know that it’s illegal to get in an accident without insurance. Then they turn the screws on you to increase your coverage. At BajaBeaters every roadrunning vehicle includes insurance in the quote.

We’re humane and in the flow. You become part of the community. You can trust Baja Beaters and their fleet of mechanical roadrunners as your rental vehicle provider.

The only place in Baja Sur I’ll rent from.

Jonas Morris

Ran by locals who know the area, culture, and law. You can only go right with Baja Beaters/Roadrunners as your vehicle rental provider.

David Atkins

Meet your rental providers staff…

Let us know via phone or What's App when you want the vehicle

Place a $100 deposit to reserve (PayPal or Cash)

Upon arrival remit refundable $500 damage deposit & rental fee for the time frame

Return the vehicle with a tan on your left arm

(or keep renting the vehicle and become a real local!)

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