Frequently Asked Questions

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What about breakdowns?

You’re in good hands, as we’re as fond of the nooks and cranny’s of Baja as any mountain goat, horntoad, or stray. Visit our ‘Services‘ page for more information.


How do I get this rental started?

Inform us of which dates you want the vehicle. Place a $100 deposit to reserve (PayPal or Cash). Upon arrival, remit a refundable $500 damage deposit. Pay the rental fee for the entire rental period. Return the vehicle. $500 damage deposit is returned when the vehicle is brought back in the same condition.


How many people can fit in one of our vehicles?

That’s a challenging answer to provide… let’s just say that it’s based on genetics, culture, diet, and hygiene.


What about dents n' dings...

We suggest you take a video of the car in the rental process, then compare for any discrepancy upon dropping the vehicle off.

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Where can we drive?

Most of our vehicles are for use between Cerritos and Todos Santos. With permission, we’re happy to let the right vehicle go to Cabo or around the East Cape or La Paz. However, rescue services are more difficult when further away.


What if I need the vehicle for a longer period than the original time frame?

Typically we let people know if they have the vehicle, and it’s not booked for the future, they can pay for the additional days and keep it for the extended period of time (as long as you let us know a few days before hand).


What if my rental vehicle attracts scorpions, is haunted, or isn't working for my needs?

Yep, situations come up. If your original choice isn’t dialing in your needs as expected, we usually have other vehicles in the fleet that can be swapped out for a more favorable experience.


What are our mean spirited rules?!

Absolutely NO driving on the beach, even if you’ve left all inhibitions at home.
Drive our vehicles responsibly. Be in contact if there are any concerns, mechanically or otherwise.
Local use ONLY: Todos Santos to Cerritos. Not for use to La Paz or Cabo or East Cape unless otherwise negotiated prior to rental.
Lock the vehicle and engage the steering wheel lock when away from the vehicle.
Return the vehicle in the same condition it was received (NO NEW dents or scratches).
Return the vehicle with the same amount of fuel as when it was received.




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