A baja rental truck with 4wd

Cream Puff's Delicious Details...

1994 pickup 22re 150k original miles, probably our favorite in the way it runs, just really smooth.
Interior is decent. Cracked windshield.
Radio has been giggled loose, just needs to be reattached, but it works. Still, just put your earphones on instead!
Bed will fit an ATV; Rancher
Plywood fits in there, but goes up on the wheel well a bit.
Extra cabs with jump seats in the back.
60/40 bench
Mileage – 20 to 25 mpg
31″ in tires, new clutch

Toyota Truck, 4WD

Tasty power, sweet travels, firm exterior & chilled interior… the CreamPuff is truly the dessert of the desert.

A smooth operator.

Tranquilo amigo, you are now in the presence of…

$80/day, $350/wk, $900/mo

Includes taxes, fees, insurance*

2 Doors, 2 Seats

Transmission: Manual


BajaBeaters Rental
Todos Santos, Baja Sur MX
Hours of operation
7am – 7pm


BajaBeaters Rental
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Hours of operation
7am – 7pm

Not Included in Above Rate

  • Beer
  • Water
  • Taquitos

Available Add-Ons

  • Emergency Tool Kits (Traction Pad, Umbrella, Extra Gas, etc)
  • Fishing Ice Chest and Gear
  • Ramps
  • Trailer & Tow Kit (where applicable)
  • Rent-a-dog (kidding)

“The love child from a delicious bakery item and a metal Yeti.”

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+1 (541) 735-0096

Todos Santos, Baja Sur MX